I am Annemarie Schumacher, a creative entrepreneur working from my home studio in Berlin.


My most favourite thing is to draw faces! Next to commissioned portraits, I also create self-initiated work. My portraits of celebrities to me represent happy collective memories, and I love how they let me connect with people from all corners of the world. I sell these works as art prints and greeting cards, in my online shop or at local markets.


In my work, I like pushing boundaries: what is the bare minimum of lines needed to capture a face, and a personality? Often I will combine photo-realistic elements with graphic or decorative elements. In every drawing I strive for balance in composition, and harmony of line and tone.


With degrees in Graphic Design and Arts Education, I also do design and illustration work on commission. I have mostly done infographics and editorial illustration, for companies in the fields of science and travel. 


Next to making creative work myself, I find great joy in teaching others. I recently started a blog, as a resource for creative souls who'd like to draw, but think that they can't. I also teach a few different drawing workshops here in Berlin. My conviction is that anyone can learn how to draw, when provided with the right exercises and techniques. 


If you’d ask me why I do what I do (working as a creative, helping others to overcome their creative obstacles), my answer would be this: I just can’t bare to see creative potential going unfulfilled. For myself as well as for others. I’m convinced that anyone who feels a desire to create, should absolutely do so! 


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